Veteran Services



Military men and women risk their lives to preserve our freedom. A.M. Gamby goes above and beyond to ensure our veterans receive the best care.

We understand the special needs of veteran’s families. Whether arranging a small family funeral or a full military service, it is our honor to serve America’s heroes.

We work diligently to ensure you receive all deserved benefits.

Honor the memory of your veteran with a Presidential Memorial Certificate signed by the current President. A complimentary flag is provided to drape the casket or accompany the urn. Generally, the flag is then given to a family member as a keepsake after the service.

The Department of Veterans Affairs furnishes a complimentary headstone or marker. Also available is a medallion to affix to a privately purchased headstone.

A military funeral can occur at a private cemetery, a state veteran’s cemetery, or a Veterans Affairs National Cemetery. Let A.M. Gamby coordinate burial in a national cemetery.

Call A.M. Gamby Funeral Home today for more information on military services and benefits.