A.M. Gamby Funeral Home understands each life is a story. Let us help you tell yours.

Our professionals can arrange a one of a kind service highlighting your unforgettable qualities and accomplishments.

Release butterflies or doves at the service to represent the spirit ascending to heaven. Honor your veteran with a bugler playing taps. Personalize a casket with scripture verses, pictures or a branch of the military. Design a video tribute with family photographs, favorite songs and home movies.

Create online obituaries, remembrances, and tribute videos for family and friends who are unable to attend. Design a gold necklace with your loved one’s fingerprint pressed in or a blown glass art piece containing your loved one’s remains.

Personalization Options

  • Butterfly Release
  • Casket Personalization
  • Dove Release
  • Limousine Service
  • Memorial Items
  • Military Honors
  • Online Obituaries
  • Online Remembrance
  • Online Tribute Videos
  • Reception Room
  • Remembrance Jewelry & Keepsakes
  • Video Tributes (DVD)